Who we are

  • We were in amongst it

    Trust that the people behind The Rave Gift Shop were there in amongst it (and still are).

    The gift shop is a celebration of early dance music culture; out of the warehouses to the orbital parties, acid, hardcore, jungle and the genesis of the UK rave scene.

    We have opened the gift shop to showcase a scene we are truly passionate about.
    It also gives you a chance to own a little piece of authentic rave nostalgia.

  • Cult to Culture

    Cult to Culture is an independent collective born from the scene looking to explore, document and celebrate early UK dance music culture.

    Our main aim is to preserve an archive of the people, a collection of photography, moving image and text telling authentic truths about a scene and sub-culture that has shaped the world.

  • Pez London - Artist

    We are very excited to be exclusively collaborating with the legendary UK flyer artist Pez, bringing 101% authenticity.

    His artwork has been the shop window for so many unforgettable events. Helter Skelter, Raindance, World Dance, Awol, Dreamscape, Telepathy, Jungle Fever, Labyrinth, Rage, Desire..... the list goes on.

    • Our Partners

      We will always endeavour to work with UK suppliers and partners and try to do things the right way.

      We will do this whilst having as much fun as possible and not taking ourselves too seriously.